Food; Shop until you drop?



We're delighted to publish a short blog from our favourite economist, Margaret Cuthbert, about how Women for Independence can think about the food we buy, and change the world. 


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A Plea for Everyone to Change One Thing; Food and Ethics

As part of our series of blogs on food, Jemma Beedie makes a plea for us to consider the ethics of what we eat and asks us all to consider changing one thing. 



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Incredible Edible Experience

As part of our series of blogs about food, Cait Murray-Green has written about communities which do grow their own food.   If you'd like to get in touch with Cait to take this conversation forward, contact her via us at and we'll pass your message on. 

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A Glasgow Fable - Scotland and Food




Glasgow Flourishing 

We're going to be publishing a series of blogs about food over the next few weeks; food and politics, food and gender, food glorious food.   To start us off, National Committee member Maggie Mellon has contributed a piece of fiction that we think you'll find thought-provoking and enjoyable.

If you would like to contribute to this blog series, please e-mail us on


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TTIP - What's it all about?



Women for Independence National Committee Member Victoria Heaney has been campaigning against TTIP.  She has written this blog to explain why.

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#WFIMediaWatch - Can Question Time be the best?



This week Kirsty Strickland crunches some numbers and acknowledges a turnaround by Question Time.

Prepare for a barrage of numbers, folks. By virtue of the dreich, grey, insult-to-July weather we’ve had there has been plenty of time to catch up on current affairs programmes. Gender balance checked, #manels counted, heating grudgingly turned on; here’s what we found out. 

(Photo shows Scotland Tonight . . read on for the numbers.)



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#WFIMediaWatch - What's the Picture Overall?

Kirsty Strickland (on Twitter as @MrsJackDaniels) has been adding up the numbers from the past few months of media observation.   And guess what . . . ?



Photo from General Election 2015 Foreign Affairs Debate;  THIS IS ABSOLUTELY FINE.

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#WfIwomenhelpwomen: The sisters are doing it for themselves

Women for Independence National Committee member Marsha Scott explains how Women for Independence groups are finding new ways to tackle poverty.

Women across Scotland are, as we know, paying for the recession and austerity in large numbers.  Indeed, in a recent report on women and cuts to social security, the cuts were labelled “devastating,” and the worst-affected are single-mother households.  It’s a no-brainer that more and more women are being driven into poverty, and the knock-on effect will be higher and higher levels of child poverty. (Although perhaps the Westminster government will redefine “poverty” again or maybe this time just change the definition of “child.”  But I digress.)


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Back to School Uniform Bank - Tackling Poverty Directly


East Renfrewshire Women for Independence Member Sandra Douglas is part of a new, practical campaign to help families in poverty.  Read more to find out what motivated her, and how you can get involved.  

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Why My Voice Is Just As Important



A beautiful blog from Shona Graham about voice and politics.  Shona is on Twitter at @cfwaterbaby.

I am an astrologer and mum with a disability, in fact a couple of disabilities if you count dyslexia. I write an astrology blog not a political one but my voice counts because nobody else will live my life, have my exact perspective or experiences and at the end of the day that is all politics is, Politics is a perspective on life gained by personal experience.  

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