#WFIMediaWatch - Some Questions for Question Time



A key idea for Women for Independence has always been voice.  Who gets to speak, and for how long.  Whose voice is privileged above others.  WFI member Kirsty Strickland tackles Question Time, that great bastion of the British establishment, with a stopwatch and a critical eye. 

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Solidarity with Indonesian Domestic Workers



You may recall that at our Perth AGM earlier this year,  there was a call for solidarity  & the recognition of the plight of Indonesian, domestic workers. This came from from EdinWFI member, Maria Pakpahan. This is her update. She is one of the two voting  EdinWFI reps coming to the National Council meeting later this month. That could be your chance to chat to her and catch up!

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Can we laugh about this yet?

STEM subjects, crying, Jimmy Choos and the love of a good woman. 

National Commitee member Sandra Mills ponders Sir Tim Hunt's mindset and the problems of women in the sciences and engineering.



Sir Tim Hunt, a man I had never heard of before this week, declared in a speech to the World Conference of Science Journalists that women cause trouble in labs: you fall in love with them, they fall in love with you, they cry when criticised. I had to look him up. Nobel Laureate winner, hmmm. Honorary professor at University College of London (well, “honorary” doesn’t sound like he’s got a lot of responsibility, does it?). Knighted in 2006, Royal Society Fellow… he can now add “embarrassing Brit abroad” to his titles, if he wants to. 

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#WFIMediaWatch - Wooden Spoons for Sunday Politics. Cheers for Andy Murray.


As I write John Beattie on Radio Scotland is getting views on the Scottish political situation from a woman who was a Conservative MP for the South Derbyshire constituency eighteen years ago, and as far as I'm aware does not have any recorded expertise in Scottish matters. When we asked for more female political pundits on Scottish political programmes Edwina Currie wasn't quite what we had in mind.  We'll give BBC Scotland the benefit of the doubt put that editorial choice down to Tory Scottish females being fairly thin on the ground...

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#WFImediawatch: An Interview with Libby Brooks

For this week's Media Watch, Gillian Martin interviewed Libby Brooks, Guardian Scotland reporter on gender (in)equality in both print and broadcast media. 

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#WFImediawatch - Post Election

After our brief election break, the WFI Media Watchers were glad to be back with our red pencils this week, checking the gender balance & totting up the numbers so you don't have to. 



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Human Rights Act - The Basics

The legal situation with the Human Rights Act is complicated.   Professor Christine Bell of Edinburgh University has agreed that we can share her basic update, first posted on the Scottish Constitutional Futures Forum on this blog.  We've found this very helpful.

In the past few days repeal of the Human Rights Act, and in particular its devolution implications have attracted a lot of attention.  Today a new report is launched from a legal expert seminar in April 2015, on the legal implications of repeal of the human rights act (see below).  The report provides the full chapter and verse, but here are a few quick points on the devolution implications, with further more detailed and reasoned resources below. 


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Compassion in our Welfare System


Tomorrow we go to the polls.   Women for Independence is not affiliated to any political party, and we have members standing in this election for the SSP, the Greens and the SNP.  But we believe all these parties share our key values.   Our National Committee member Ashten Regan-Denholm has written a submission to the Scottish Government's consultation on the effects of welfare reform on women.   She concludes that we need, above all, a system that is compassionate.   We hope that when you vote tomorrow'll vote for a party that shares that aspiratio

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#WFImediawatch - Week Three

In this week's #WFImediawatch, Gillian Martin and Kirsty Strickland hand out the gold stars - and the wooden spoons - to TV and radio shows for their representation (or lack thereof) of women in their political commentary. 

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I'm a Feminist Because... | Jay Andrew, Glasgow East

Jay Andrew from Women for Independence Glasgow East, shares her experiences of campaigning with women, for women, and explains why she is, and will remain, a feminist.


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