#WFImediawatch - Week One

In the first of many Media Watch blogs, Gillian Martin and Kirsty Strickland give you the run-down of this week's political TV, and how well they've done with women's representation. (Spoiler: not so good...)


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WFI Media Watch

Introducing #WFImediawatch. Because we're tired of the same pale, stale and male faces on our screens.

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Emotional Abuse: the Invisible Side of Domestic Abuse

More often than not, we associate domestic abuse with physical violence, and assume that this is the only kind of abuse that women can face in relationship. But emotional abuse is a pervasive side of domestic abuse that we don't often hear about. Here, Mary Jackson (not her real name) gives her story of emotional abuse.

This contains material that may be triggering for women who have experienced domestic abuse. 

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All Women's Shortlists: An Alternative View From Avondale

Debate has been raging this week over an SNP motion proposing compulsory all-women shortlists, to address the gender imbalance in the Scottish Parliament. Here, Gillian Wales of Strathaven Women for Independence sets out why she believes that, while not perfect, all-women's shortlists are necessary in both Scottish and UK-wide politics.



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A Letter to Michael Matheson, Justice Minister

Our letter to Michael Matheson, arguing the need for a change in the treatment of women in the criminal justice system in Scotland.

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Gillian Martin: Diaries from Galicia, Catalonia and Euskadi

Earlier this month, Gillian Martin from the Indy Quines in Aberdeen, represented Women for Independence on a tour of Galicia, Basque and Catalonia, meeting women's groups and those from the independence movements in the region, before finally speaking at the International Women's Day rally in Barcelona. Here, she writes about her incredible experience. 


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The Living Rent Campaign - Better Housing is a Feminist Issue

One hundred years ago, the women of Glasgow marched and went on strike to demand better quality housing and an end to slum landlords, here Liz Ely from Women for Independence and the Living Rent Campaign sets out why one hundred years on, better housing continues to be a feminist issue.

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Bathrobes in Lockers - Why we need Feminism if we want Equality

In the first article in our new series - Why Feminism Still Matters - Kathleen Caskie explains why, despite accusations of sexism - feminist and women's organisations like us are essential if we're to achieve (gender) equality in Scotland today. 

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Cheap Publicity Stunts Won't Work, Labour; it's Time to Take Women Seriously

In the wake of Labour's Pink Bus fiasco, equality lawyer and former Labour Party member Carol Fox argues that if Labour were really serious about gender equality, they would focus on more than cheap publicity stunts. 

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From Scotland to Iraq, We Cannot Stay Silent about the Abuse of Women

The state failed women in Bosnia. The west failed the Yazidi women in Iraq, and in the UK, two women a week are killed by partners or ex-partners, having been failed by the state. Carolyn Leckie argues that we cannot stay silent about the suffering faced by women throughout the world, and the failure by states - indeed in some case the west itself - to protect them.

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