How do we persuade women to support independence?


An opinion poll published this week showed that women are still less likely to vote for Scottish independence than men, just as they were at the 2014 referendum. Women for Indy National Co-ordinator Kathleen Caskie and National Committee member Marsha Scott consider what we can do to address this. 

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Heather Anderson Presentation to National Council March 2017

Here is the presentation to National Council, March 2017 of Heather Anderson of the National Committee and Farmers for Yes. 

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Act As If You Own The Place - activism with community at its heart


Julie Bell from our National Committee organised a democracy event in Angus.  The results were fascinating.  Read on to find out more. 

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Child Contact Petition Goes to Scottish Parliament


In November 2016 I gratefully accepted an invitation to speak at The WFI conference in Perth. There I was able to talk about the experience of myself and my children following separation from my ex-partner, an abusive and controlling man. We received unjust and unsafe treatment at the hands of the Scottish Legal System and in relation to Child Contact Centres. These are currently unregulated or inspected by any independent bodies, and staff are not required to have any professional qualifications in relation to working with children.






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Clacks WFI's Wee County Shop


The awesome women of WFI Clackmannanshire ran their now-annual 'Pay What You Can' shop at Christmas.  Here local WFI member Susan Fraser updates on this year's success. 

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Resilience for Election Campaigns – or May the 4th be with you


Julie Bell of the National Committee is running for council in Angus.  In this blog she passes on her tips to other candidates as to how to survive the campaign!

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Thinking Inside the Box



Photo shows East Ayrshire Women for Independence.  Margaret Young at far right, and Linsey Reid holding right hand side of WFI banner. 

Women for Independence National Committee member and East Ayrshire WFI activist Margaret Young led a campaign to have maternity pads included in Scotland's new Baby Box initiative, inspired by local midwife Linsey Reid.  With the support of Gillian Martin MSP, we're delighted that her campaign succeeded.  Read about it here. 

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What is the Gender Pay Gap and Why Does It Matter?



Michelle Rodger is a WFI National Committee member and a director of Business for Scotland.  In this blog post she explains how the gender pay gap harms women. 

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How Should We Approach IndyRef2?


This is the text of the address that Maggie Lennon of our National Committee gave to our AGM earlier this month on the Committee's thoughts on what our strategy should be for IndyRef2.

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The Cult of Dubious Personalities



With the news that the UN is making Wonder Women an international ambassador, National Committee member Selma Rahman considers the issues. 

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