What We've Been Up To - Our Annual Report!



It's nearly time for our AGM (if you haven't done so yet, you can get your tickets here) and all our members have been sent the full annual report, but we also wanted to give our supporters and interested people an overview of our year.  This is an extract from the report to members. 

Please note; you don't have to be a WFI member, or even supporter to come to our AGM.  You don't even have to be a Yes voter.  You just have to be a woman who wants to discuss how we make Scotland a better place.  


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I didn't get what I wanted, so . . .


Selma Rahman of the WFI National Committee voted for Scottish independence and she voted to stay in the EU.  She didn't get what she wanted, so . . . 

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The Case for a National Women's Officer



The SNP will shortly elect its Women's and Equalities Convener.  Amy McNeese-Mechan, a trade unionist and SNP member as well as a member of Women for Independence, blogs on how we should respond to inequalties. 

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Lies, Damned Lies and Propaganda



Selma Rahman from our National Committee speculates on propaganda, media and associated lies. Picture shows the official imperial seal of Darius the Great.  

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STV and Stephen Daisley; A Balancing Act


We hear a lot about the need for a 'balanced media'.  In her latest #WFIMediaWatch blog, Kirsty Strickland ponders what balance in the media means in the light of recent controversies. 

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Justice Watch Update August 2016


National Commitee member Maggie Mellon updates on #JusticeWatch.

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Councillor, Fishwife and other Terms of Endearment


Former SNP Group Leader on East Ayrshire Council Kim Nicoll blogs about becoming a councillor. Since her time at the coal face in local politics Kim  has worked as a Radio Journalist and is currently employed as a Refuge Worker at Glasgow East Women’s Aid, any follow up contact can be made through Women for Indy.

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The S Word


National Committee Member Sandra Mills blogs on shame and politics.  What does it mean for independence campaigners? 

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This is not the Feminist Revolution We Were Looking For


Amy McNeese-Mechan of Edinburgh WFI looks at the rise of the women politicians with a cynical eye. 

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Good Job Someone Has a Plan!


Some politicians want to have their cake and eat it too!  Selma Rahman from our National Committee looks at the current state of politics. 

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