SHALL WE NOT SPEAK FOR OURSELVES? Telling a different story of Scotland’s past



WFI National Committee member Dr Lesley Orr explains how history works, and why we're hosting our women's history event in Dundee on March 5th. 

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New Prisons? Old Wine in New Bottles



Maggie Mellon of the WFI National Committee and WFI #Justicewatch argues that WFI need to stand firm and that prisons are not the answer. 

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The Panel of Effing Experts



As women are criticised for wearing pyjamas to the school gate, National Committee member Sandra Mills ponders on perfection and motherhood. 

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#Mediawatch - Women on the Telly!



Here's award-winning blogger Kirsty Strickland's latest #MediaWatch blog for Women for Indy.  If you'd like to help her to monitor and comment on the representation of women in the media, please get in touch. 

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#JusticeWatch Update January 2016

Quick Update on Women for Independence's #JusticeWatch Campaign

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The Facts About Syrian Refugee Dispersal



The Syrians whom the UK government have agreed to take, over the next 5 years, are expected to number 20,000.

Maggie Lennon, of the WFI National Committee is Director of a Scottish charity which works with refugees and asylum-seekers. This blog gives information about the Syrian dispersal and practical advice as to how WFI groups and other activists can respond. 


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Response to Scottish Govt Consultation on Short Sentences

Women for Independence – Independence for Women

Response to the consultation on short prison sentences


Women for Independence is a non- party political women’s organisation with 54 affiliated groups across Scotland.   We have a strong commitment to pursuing justice for women in Scotland and is calling for prison to be ‘taken off the menu’ in the summary courts in Scotland.

We therefore welcome the Scottish Government consultation on short  prison sentences as an opportunity for us to make the case for our position.  

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The Crisis Facing Women and Girls in India


Photo shows People in Bihar celebrating Chhath Festival, during which mothers-in-law and eldest daughters-in-law eat nothing and drink nothing (not even water) for 3 days. The photo shows men carrying food which has been blessed by the river, and which women will now cook for them and for any women who are not fasting. 


Cathy Ratcliff blogs on the current crisis facing women and girls in India. 

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16 Days to End Violence Against Women

Today marks the beginning of the annual 16 Days campaign, to end violence against women. Marsha Scott writes on why, as the Westminster austerity measures increasingly start to bite, this campaign remains so important to women in Scotland today. 

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Fillibustering Fellas


(Our photo, from the Daily Record, shows David Coburn MEP reacting to women in politics.)


In the week of International Mens Day, our resident #WFIMediaWatcher Kirsty Strickland ponders on how militant feminists are taking over the airwaves.  Or not. 


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