The Crisis Facing Women and Girls in India


Photo shows People in Bihar celebrating Chhath Festival, during which mothers-in-law and eldest daughters-in-law eat nothing and drink nothing (not even water) for 3 days. The photo shows men carrying food which has been blessed by the river, and which women will now cook for them and for any women who are not fasting. 


Cathy Ratcliff blogs on the current crisis facing women and girls in India. 

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16 Days to End Violence Against Women

Today marks the beginning of the annual 16 Days campaign, to end violence against women. Marsha Scott writes on why, as the Westminster austerity measures increasingly start to bite, this campaign remains so important to women in Scotland today. 

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Fillibustering Fellas


(Our photo, from the Daily Record, shows David Coburn MEP reacting to women in politics.)


In the week of International Mens Day, our resident #WFIMediaWatcher Kirsty Strickland ponders on how militant feminists are taking over the airwaves.  Or not. 


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Land Reform; A Tale of Historical Injustice



Carol Charters remembers a story of injustice from the past and reflects on importance of land reform for women.   (Photo shows Sorbietrees farmhouse, now a B&B)

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Women for Justice, Justice for Women!


National Committee member Maggie Mellon recently spoke about our justice campaign at the Scottish Parliament.  Read the text of her speech and find out what Women for Independence are campaigning for.   (Photo shows Maggie hosting session on justice at our 2015 AGM).

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Helping Women to Work



Previously published in Independence magazine, National Committee member Michelle Rodger blogs on the importance of childcare if women are to work. 

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Land Reform is a Women's Issue


Maggie Mellon from WFI National Committee explains that women and land have always been connected. 

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Socks on a Plane; A Blog for International World Thrombosis Day


National Committee member Margaret Young writes -


Thrombosis prevention is not simply an important issue but has a personal dimension for Women for Independence.  Even if you don’t realise it now, it probably has a personal dimension for you.


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#WFIMediaWatch - Poems & Numbers


This is a blog about numbers,

About balance and women and men,

We will keep going until Politics looks like real life,

Which is why we are here – again.


Women SHOULD be seen and heard,

Though that’s not much often said.

But do we see them and do we hear them?

Or do we ask a man instead?


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Eating Like There Is No Tomorrow


In the latest in our occasional series of blogs about food, Deirdre Henderson makes the case for vegetarianism and ethical food shoppping. 

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