Socks on a Plane; A Blog for International World Thrombosis Day


National Committee member Margaret Young writes -


Thrombosis prevention is not simply an important issue but has a personal dimension for Women for Independence.  Even if you don’t realise it now, it probably has a personal dimension for you.


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#WFIMediaWatch - Poems & Numbers


This is a blog about numbers,

About balance and women and men,

We will keep going until Politics looks like real life,

Which is why we are here – again.


Women SHOULD be seen and heard,

Though that’s not much often said.

But do we see them and do we hear them?

Or do we ask a man instead?


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Eating Like There Is No Tomorrow


In the latest in our occasional series of blogs about food, Deirdre Henderson makes the case for vegetarianism and ethical food shoppping. 

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The Return of #WFIMediaWatch



Welcome to your shiny new #WFImediawatch blog. A lot has happened since we last posted. Jeremy Corbyn was crowned Labour leader, Nicola Sturgeon & Shami Chakrabartii shared a stage and gave us MAJOR #FeministFriend goals, and David Cameron? He’s *ahem* been a bit quiet of late…

In an ever changing political world there’s one thing you can count on and that’s us crunching the numbers. We missed toting up the scores so much that we’ve got 2 weeks’ worth of figures for you.  Those of you hoping that this brave new political dawn would see a systemic shift in the skewed gender balance on current affairs programmes may be a bit disappointed, however.

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The Gender of Independence




(Photo shows WFI gathering in October 2014 in Perth)


Jane Archer reflects on WFI's history, and the role of gender in the independence debate more widely. 

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Getting Involved; Community Councils Need You!


(It's really hard to find a photo which illustrates 'getting involved with community councils', so this is a photo from the Roma Day Parade in Govanhill Glasgow earlier this year.)


The independence referendum helped many women to find their voice, and to get involved in politics.  Here Laura Stevens (on Twitter @writerlas) from East Renfrewshire WFI writes about Community Councils, and how she got involved. 


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We Can , You Can! Getting Active through WFI!



(Photo shows Paisley WFI at anti-austerity demo.)


Vivienne Bon, of Edinburgh WFI writes of her experience in getting involved in WFI and setting up the Edinburgh Back to School Bank.

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TTIP; the Evidence


Zara Munro is one of Women for Independence's youngest activists.   As part of her education, she has studied TTIP and produced the following report, which is a very useful guide to the evidence on this controversial treaty. 

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A Burmese Tale; The Reality of Cameron's Rhetoric on Immigration


Among the outcry of public anger about the UK's treatment of refugees, it's worth remembering that this sits in the context of an overall approach to immigration.  Here Lisa Houston, who lives in Burma, explains what a 'tough stance on immigration' means for people like her. 


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Divisiveness and Destruction – Why Can’t We All Just Disagree?


WFI National Committee member Sandra Mills (@Sandramills1968 on Twitter) reflects on this weekend's controveries. 

Last night I shared a public statement on behalf of the National Committee of Women for Independence, and was promptly told (it took 3 minutes according to FaceBook) that I should not be trying to divide the Independence movement in this way. This is a phenomenon that is appearing all over my social media at the moment, and it’s making me feel very uneasy.


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