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  • Saturday, September 14, 2019 at 11:00 AM · £10.00 GBP · 12 rsvps
    The Steeple in Dundee, United Kingdom

    OUR VOTES, OUR VOICES: 100 Years of Women and Politics in Scotland National Council

    Join Women for Independence for a special 'history day' to commemorate a century of women being political, using their votes and raising their voices. Our first history day held in 2016 was a big success so we decided it was time for another!

    On Saturday 14 September, we'll meet in Dundee for a very special national council to listen, share and learn with leading feminist historians, scholars, politicians and activists. Open to all women, there will be workshops, roundtable discussions, music, film, plenary panel and open mic sessions.




    The Representation of the People Act, passed in 1918, marked the beginning of major changes to the face of British politics. For the first time, Parliamentary votes were extended to women over thirty who were graduates, owned property or paid rates - or were married to a man who did. And any woman aged 21 or over could stand as a candidate. In 1928 equal universal suffrage was finally granted. History was made again in 1999 when elections were held for a Scottish Parliament for the first time in centuries.

    Women fought long and hard for their democratic rights. They campaigned for equal 50:50 representation in the new Scottish Parliament. But what difference has the vote made to women’s lives during the last century – and can women ‘do politics differently’? Despite the hopes and aspirations of the suffrage movement, despite the efforts of women as MPs, MSPs and councillors, political representation and ways of working have been largely ‘male, pale and stale’. Yet women in Scotland have never ceased to engage with ‘the system’. Countless women have struggled and achieved much as active citizens. They have worked within and beyond parties and Parliaments, seeking to build better communities; a more just and equal Scotland.

    We will be updating this page with further details including contributors, topics and activities for the day.  We know it's a much anticipated event so to ensure you have a ticket for the day, please book soon!  We look forward to seeing you all there.



    There will be a number of workshops on offer and the problem might be selecting which ones to go to!  Maybe you would like to try -

    Versailles 1919 - Return of the Dangerous Women - A short documentary (20 minutes) about the Women’s International Congress Zurich 1919 and aftermath.  This documentary tells the story of the women who met to protest the terms of the Versailles Peace Treaty in 1919. Drawing from the international campaign to get the vote, they wanted to prevent all future wars. They became the Women’s International League of Peace and Freedom (WILPF) which is still working today.  Lesley Orr and Helen Kay will introduce the film and facilitate discussion afterwards  around themes including the trajectories of Scottish feminists, revolution and international activism.   Both Lesley and Helen were in Zurich earlier this year for the centenary of the 1919 Women's International Peace Congress, Lesley representing Helen Crawfurd and Helen representing Chrystal Macmillan and feature in the film.  

    *Versailles 1919: Return of the Dangerous Women is directed by Charlotte Bill and made by Clapham Film Unit, a collective of filmmakers working with communities to tell stories not told elsewhere and funded by the European Commission. 


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    The meeting is open to all self identified women.  You do not need to be a member of Women for Independence to attend.  If you need to bring a carer to support you then their ticket is always free.  You still need to book a place for your carer however.  If your carer is a man then he is also welcome. If you care for another adult or children then you are very welcome to bring them along.  See details below about a possible creche.



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