We've said it many times; although we campaigned for independence, and continue to support it, we're about far more than that. Between Women for Independence at a national level, and our many local groups, we're involved with a number of campaigns.

Here, you can find out more about them. 


Send Off Sexism!

Earlier this year, we initiated the Send Off Sexism campaign, which set out a basic code of conduct that we asked all political parties in Scotland to sign up to, and which included a pledge not to subject women politicians of any kind to sexist abuse, to take action against sexism by party members, and to ensure that panel discussions were gender balanced.


Prison Reform Campaign


Late last year, Edinburgh Women for Independence began a petition against the proposed new women's prison in Inverclyde. The prison was to replace Cornton Vale, which has been described numerous times as being completely unfit for purpose, and would house up to 350 women. 

The petition garnered over 3,500 signatures, and in January this year, the justice minister, Michael Matheson, confirmed that the new prison was no longer to be built. 

At our AGM on 14th March, it was unanimously agreed that we will continue to campaign for more appropriate and compassionate ways of dealing with women in the criminal justice system.

Find out more here.

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