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Lochaber WFI Support for Womens Aid


We love this photograph from Lochaber Women for Indy's recent coffee morning.  They raised an amazing £411.50 at the event for Lochaber Womens Aid.  

They have a great blog well worth reading.  You can find it here.    You can get in touch with Lochaber WFI on Twitter (@LochaberWFI) or on their Facebook page here.  

If you read to the end of this newsletter, we promise you a treat from Lochaber WFI.

National Council East Kilbride 27th June

Elaine C Smith

Our first National Council will be in East Kilbride on Saturday 27th of June.  It's free to attend, but we do ask you to book a ticket to allow us to plan for numbers.  You don't have to be a paid-up member or a group delegate to attend (although, in the unlikely event that we need to vote on something, you won't be able to vote).

The Council will be chaired by Carolyn Leckie

The day will have some short business contributions and speeches from Rebecca Jones, Natalie McGarry MP, Margaret Young and Marsha Scott.

Everyone will then have a choice of workshops.  There are five workshops, all of which will run twice so you can attend one before lunch and one after. 

1.  Women for Indy's JusticeWatch campaign and where it goes next.  There's more about the campaign in this newsletter.
2.  Women Into Public Life;  What is it, are we doing it, can we do it better?  Community councils, public boards, local councils, Holyrood, Westminster - we want women in every walk of public life.
3.  #WFIMediaWatch - why are women underrepresented in the media and how we can build on our campaign.  More about the campaign in this newsletter.
4.   Named Persons Legislation - lots of people have strong opinions on this, and lots of people don't really understand it but would like to.  This session will be a chance to talk about this.
5.  Listening Exercise 2 - In the run up to Holyrood, the local authority elections, the EU referendum and maybe even another independence referendum, how can Women for Independence make sure that we are really listening to what women want, and putting that on the political agenda?

The day will close with an Open Mic session where people can feedback on important issues which have arisen during the day, raise new issues for Women for Independence, talk about their own or their group's experiences, etc.

We hope to be joined by women who have never been to a political event before and by elected politicians, and we hope to hear from both.

You can read more about the event and how to attend and book tickets on our website here

The full agenda is online here.  

What else is on?

As ever, there is a wide range of great Women for Indy events taking place across Scotland.  New events are added regularly, so please do keep an eye on the website, or sign up to receive updates from local groups here.   Here is the current list to give you a flavour.  Click on the links to find out more about specific events.

Tuesday June 16th - Stirling - Women for Indy Meeting

Wednesday June 17th - East Renfrewshire - Andy Wightman on Land Reform

Saturday June 20th - Glasgow - United Against Austerity Rally.  Our Jeane Freeman is one of the speakers at this event, and Women for Indy will be mustering to stand together against austerity. 

Saturday June 27th - East Kilbride - Women for Indy National Council.   All women welcome.

Monday June 28th - Midlothian - Women for Indy meeting

Tuesday June 30th - Glasgow - WFI Glasgow West Book Group Author Event with Kirstin Innes

Tuesday June 20th - Edinburgh - WFI Edinburgh West Book Group discussing Andy Wightman's 'The Poor Had No 

Wednesday July 8th - Clydebank - WFI Clydebank hosts Angela Haggerty, Editor of Common Space

Saturday August 8th - Glasgow - WFI Glasgow East End - Livestreaming Training with Scottish Independence Live Events

If any of these inspire you to organise your own local WFI event and you want some advice and support to do this, just give us a shout on Info@Womenforindependence.org and we'll do what we can to help you. 

Not going out?

You can help Women for Indy without leaving your sofa.  For some weeks now we've been blogging a regular #WFIMediaWatch feature.   You can read the latest blog here, and earlier blogs are on the website on the 'Read our Blog' page.

National Committee member Gillian Martin, who has been curating, co-ordinating and generally working hard on the #WFIMediaWatch with help from WFI member Kirsty Strickland, wants more women to become involved, whether regularly or as a one-off.   She writes;

We need more volunteers to monitor our Scottish media. We would like our members to feed back instances where there is marked gender imbalance or no female members on panels on TV and radio political shows.  We do need people to help us get our facts right. That means the monitoring of numbers of female political representatives, pundits and interviewees on political reports and shows. If you think you can do a stint of counting up the contributions on a show that you watch or listen to regularly please get in touch with info@womenforindependence.org and mark your email "WFI Media Watch". Or if you are on twitter, just use the hashtag #WFImediawatch on your tweet pointing out an issue and we'll make sure we record it.

People call me a feminist when

People will call you a feminist when you go shopping with our unique and exclusive Rebecca West quote, environmentally friendly tote bag, which is available to buy from our website here.  There are also t-shirts with our favourite feminist quotes available on the same page.  

Here's to Strong Women.  May we know them, may we be them, may we raise them.  

Feminism is the radical notion that women are people. 

Justice Watch

The Justice for Women working group have been busy - see manifesto and campaign plans.  Exciting plans including Justice Watch in sheriff courts around Scotland. Any local groups/ women wanting to champion the issue of reform of the system of injustices done to women, particularly unnecessary and harmful imprisonment, please get in touch with the working group - happy to provide information, speakers etc. and to hear your ideas and experiences Contact maggie_mellon@hotmail.com

Read more about the campaign here.

Support Back to School Banks

We love this new initiative to create Back to School Banks to help out with school uniforms. Please read all about it on Facebook here, and support in any way you can.   In particular, if you are attending the United Against Austerity Rally in Glasgow next weekend, there is a post asking people to bring clothes along. 

Our Land - Action Day 30 August

Our Land - Action Day planned for 30 August in support of land reform. This is an urban as well as rural issue. The organisers are looking for support from local WFI groups for a day of action highlighting the need for reform.

Contact Laura May to get involved, get a speaker, action pack etc. lauramay77uk@yahoo.co.uk

Read Maggie Mellon's Notes from the Land Reform Action Group here. 


Members Only

Women for Independence members can read the minutes from the last meeting of the National Committee on the website here.

Any problems accessing this, e-mail us on Info@womenforindependence.org

And, of course, if you're not yet a member of Women for Independence, join today and you'll be able to access the 'Members Only' pages of the website.

We hate this bit, but we do need to ask you.

Our monthly running costs are very modest, but they do exist, and they are funded entirely by regular monthly donations from members and supporters.  We're currently just a few standing orders short of meeting our regular costs, so if you could afford to give us a regular £5 or £10 (or more) donation, please do so here.   If you want to join us, you can make your standing order your membership fee by using this link.

As promised.

Thank you for reading to the end of the newsletter.  As a reward have some virtual cake from Lochaber WFI. 


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