#JusticeWatch Update January 2016

Quick Update on Women for Independence's #JusticeWatch Campaign

After a hugely successful development day in Stirling in September (I know – we were overwhelmed!), we are now ready to provide an update on our WFIJusticeforWomen campaign and, in particular the bit that has everyone really excited - #WFIJusticeWatch.

As you may be aware, this element depends on you and your local groups - we are asking local women to visit their sheriff courts and watch how justice affects women in your area.

This campaign depends on local involvement – you will find out how the justice system operates and we will all gain a broader understanding of the issues surrounding women in the criminal justice system in Scotland, why and how they end up in court and what happens to them when they get there. We will not be there to be advocates or to interfere with proceedings: simply to observe.

If you have never visited a court before, don’t panic – we’ll give you training.  

We will start by focussing on a small number of pilot sites and we are actively seeking groups in the following areas, although we are open to offers from other areas:

  • Glasgow

  • Kilmarnock

  • Edinburgh

  • Perth

  • Angus

WFI members in the #WFIJusticeWatch campaign will be available to do an introductory session with local WFI groups in those areas, to provide the background and encourage local members to become involved.  

We will provide your training and will also be encouraging local groups and individuals to join in to help with ‘flash observations’ – occasionally, we’ll ask you to look out for how particular themes or issues are reported on TV, on radio and in local newspapers as well as on social media for a short period of time and then you can tweet, post and tag to your heart’s content!  

Currently, we’re finalising training and data collection guidelines and our thorough communications plan so please keep your eyes open for more details. You don’t have to be actively involved in a local WFI group to join #WFIJusticeWatch but we will be asking local groups to host training and help co-ordinate activity.

You don’t have to be able to do the court visits either – you can help collate data, input to our info-hub, help with the ‘flash observations’ and do all the tweeting and Facebook status updates you can fit in! We want #WFIJusticeWatch to be as effective as #WFIMediaWatch – and some!

This is an important issue for women and families in Scotland, for our communities, statutory services and for the delivery of a compassionate system of justice fit for the 21st century – be part of it.

We aim to launch #WFIJusticeWatch in March 2016 as part of WFI’s International Women’s Day celebrations – what better way to kickstart this powerful WFI campaign?

In the meantime, if your group wishes a training session, please contact: Julie Bell via email: [email protected]


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