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Here's award-winning blogger Kirsty Strickland's latest #MediaWatch blog for Women for Indy.  If you'd like to help her to monitor and comment on the representation of women in the media, please get in touch. 

This is the first #WFImediawatch blog of the New Year. What better way to kick things off than to tell you all know that the TV bigwigs had a wee chat over Christmas and decided to do away with the somale, so pale and ever so stale format that failed to attract viewers in 2015.

That's how I wanted to start this post, but alas - I continue to be the eternal bearer of bad news. A Feminist grim reaper. 'Fraid to say there was no gender balance epiphany, no 'starting as we mean to go on' in terms of the offering we've had this year so far.

It’s a shame and ultimately a missed trick on the part of STV & the BBC. While viewing figures are reportedly dwindling, diversifying the voices that are invited to contribute could be the move that starts to win back audiences.

While women continue to be underrepresented in Local Councils, Holyrood & Westminster it is imperative that we get a shot of the microphone. The alternative is to sit quietly and patiently and trust that men make sure these issues are raised on our behalf. (Stop that giggling at the back!)

Whether it’s the WASPI campaign, or increasing rates of violence against women. Whether it’s the barbaric Child Tax Credits 'rape clause' or cuts to women's services. Whether its anti-choice pests loitering outside hospitals or eejits like the Prime Minister telling Muslim women what to learn and what to wear - they are all issues that need female voices and female insight.

Here are the numbers. No gold stars this week because we are big on 'merit' on this blog and we wouldn't want to hand out accolades where they aren't deserved.

Scotland 2016

13th 5 men 2 women

14th 3 men 2 women

18th 5 men 2 women

19th 4 men 1 woman

20th 4 men 2 women

Total: 21 men 9 women


Sunday Politics Scotland

10th 4 men 1 woman

17th 4 men 0 women

Total 8 men 1 woman


Scotland Tonight

14th 5 men 1 woman

18th 4 men 0 women

19th 4 men 2 women

20th 1 man 2 women

Total 14 men 5 women

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