#WFIMediaWatch - Poems & Numbers


This is a blog about numbers,

About balance and women and men,

We will keep going until Politics looks like real life,

Which is why we are here – again.


Women SHOULD be seen and heard,

Though that’s not much often said.

But do we see them and do we hear them?

Or do we ask a man instead?


The weekend is nearly upon us, MediaWatchers. But before we pour the wine and get on our slipper socks – let’s have a wee look at this week’s numbers.

Sometimes it does feel like we are the eternal purveyors of doom. Those dizzy heights of gender balance that we saw in the early days of #WFImediawatch seem a bit of a distant memory. But thankfully, this week it isn’t all bad. Not great either, right enough. But we’ll take our glimmers of progress where we can get them.

 First up is Scotland 2015.  On first glance the numbers may not seem great – 28 men to 16 women. However this is actually quite a big improvement from last week AND there were no all-male panels to test our blood pressure. 

Scotland 2015

28th 5 men 1 woman

29th 3 men 2 women

30th 4 men 1 woman

1st 3 men 2 women

5th 2 men 2 women

6th 3 men 2 women

7th 5 men 2 women

8th 3 men 4 women

We have been slacking a bit with Scotland Tonight in recent blogs. Anybody who has tried to catch up on something on STV player and sat through the adverts will understand why.  They go on for so long that you forget what you are doing. Until the sudden ‘HI IM JOHN MACKAY’ gives you the fright of your life and sends the tea fleeing.

Anyway, we’re back on the case.  We are always more sympathetic to the nightly programs as we understand the challenges they face in booking guests so no wooden spoon for Scotland Tonight. Not this time anyway – let’s hope those manels were a one-off.

Scotland Tonight

5th 6 men 0 women

6th 2 men 1 woman

8th 5 men 0 women


 The wooden spoon this week goes to The Andrew Marr show & Sunday Politics Scotland. A joint accolade for our serial offenders.  Must do better.

The Andrew Marr Show

4 men

1 woman

 Sunday Politics Scotland

4 men 1 woman


That’s all from us this week, folks.

You’ll see from our wee ditty at the start that we thoroughly enjoyed National Poetry Day yesterday. 

To end, we thought we’d share with you this spoken word piece by the brilliant Vanessa Kissule. It’s well worth a listen.


She calls on women to be bold and unafraid. To not diminish our presence or shrink to fit our surroundings. She asks us to use our voices loudly and clearly and frequently.

Take up space, WFI Sisters. We are women; let them hear us roar!


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