A Quilt For Scotland

A Quilt made by women for the National Archive

What Scotland means to me:
The ambition is to offer a completed quilt to the Scottish Parliament, Holyrood for display as part of the 2018 Festival of Politics. We invite to you to join us….Vivienne Bon (Edinburgh Women for Independence), and Gillian Wilson (West Lothian Women for Independence) to make a Quilt for the National Archive;

Why a quilt?

Quilt making is a shared experience, beloved of women, over the centuries. It's the telling of stories in a unique manner, using fabrics ranging from the everyday, to the most Luxurious imaginable.
Quilts have been found in hovels through to palaces, bearing testament to the quilters, as they weave stories with memories, hopes and aspirations.

And what about this 21st century quilt?
The purpose of the quilt is to give women the opportunity to define ‘What Scotland means to me’.

How will we do it?
The idea is that collectively we make a quilt of 36 x 12.5 inch block, using patchwork, knitting, crochet, felting, screen print, anything involving natural fibres, depicting what Scotland means to you, either through a place or a scene, a moment in time or something symbolic…from you and your local context. It is our way of expressing what our nation means to us and to the world.

Would you be interested? Here are a few details.

• Each block should measure 12 .5 x 12 .5 inches when finished

• Use natural fibres and materials. (e.g. quilters often use 100% cotton fabrics)

• Remember, life happens! Sometimes, things come up that keep you from completing your obligations. We understand that, just stay in communication with us so that we can keep on top of pulling the quilt together.

• We’d like you to send us your blocks by end May 2018

Right now we don’t know if this will be of interest. If you can let us know by 22 December 2017 we can then plan the size of the quilt.

Why May 2018?
We will then be offering the completed quilt to the Scottish Parliament, Holyrood for display as part of the 2018 Festival of Politics.
The makeup process will be coordinated by Vivienne and Gillian, and anyone willing to help piece the quilt. (Please let us know if you are interested in this)

A few tips to help you on your way!!!

• Ensure your finished blocks, pressed and trimmed of loose threads please

• Make sure you post your blocks with plenty of time to make the deadline and that you are accurate with your postage

• Enclose your name and a short note describing your block and what it means to you. This too will accompany the final product: as a story of the work. A max of 100 words for your story (excluding your name and location) would be great

If you need help, please ask!

Our contact details are: [email protected]

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