Agenda for National Council 27 June 2015 East Kilbride


Women for Independence National Council Agenda

Saturday 27 June 2015

Civic Centre East Kilbride 11 am – 3.30 pm

(N.B.  The earlier than usual start is because we have to vacate venue by 4pm.)

 More Information about the Event and Link to get Free Ticket here. 

Chair:  Carolyn Leckie

11:00 - Chair's Welcome & Housekeeping

11:10 - Organisational Report – Kathleen Caskie

11:15 - Interim Affiliation of Clydebank Group - Rebecca Jones

11:20 - From WFI to Westminster - Natalie McGarry MP

Women for Independence founding member will share her story and talk about her impressions of the UK Parliament in Westminster. 

11.30 -  Sanitary Protection Campaign - Margaret Young and Marsha Scott 

11.35 - Choice of Workshops


Workshop 1 - JusticeWatch (Maggie Mellon)

Women for Independence has been a leading voice in calling for progressive reform of the criminal justice system as it impacts upon women.  This workshop will be an update on Women for Independence's JusticeWatch campaign and a discussion about how women can get involved in their own communities.  

Workshop 2 - Listening Exercise 2 (Marsha Scott)

In the run up to Holyrood, the local authority elections, the EU referendum and maybe even another independence referendum, how can Women for Independence make sure that we are really listening to what women want, and putting that on the political agenda?

Workshop 3 - Women into Public Life (Rosemary Hunter)

Women Into Public Life;  What is it, are we doing it, can we do it better?  Community councils, public boards, local councils, Holyrood, Westminster - we want women in every walk of public life.  What are the barriers and where is the glass ceiling? How do we get over them and break it?

Workshop 4 - The Named Person Legislation (Mairi Tulbure)

The 'Named Person' legislation and Getting It Right for Every Child have created a lot of controversy.  Some people argue that it  intrudes into family privacy while others argue that it is a sensible administrative way to join up public services.  Some people aren't sure what the whole thing is about.  This session will discuss this.

Workshop 5 - #WFIMediaWatch (Suzanne McLaughlin)

Women for Independence have been publishing a regular blog on women in the media, looking both at hard numbers but also raising issues of why we see disproportionately low numbers of women commenting as 'experts' in the media.  Do women face sexist attitudes which focus on looks and clothes instead of their words?  How you can help monitor and call out. 

12.30 - LUNCH

13.15  Choice of Workshops (repeat of morning)

14.15 - Open Mic Session

What do you want to feedback from the workshops attended?  What should Women for Independence do, both nationally and in local groups?  How do we do it?  

15.20 - Closing Remarks (Carolyn Leckie)

15.30 - Close




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