From Scotland to Iraq, We Cannot Stay Silent about the Abuse of Women

The state failed women in Bosnia. The west failed the Yazidi women in Iraq, and in the UK, two women a week are killed by partners or ex-partners, having been failed by the state. Carolyn Leckie argues that we cannot stay silent about the suffering faced by women throughout the world, and the failure by states - indeed in some case the west itself - to protect them.

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The Monstrous Regiment of Women

Marsha Scott reflects on the transition from a campaign, to a women's mass movement, and offers some pearls of wisdom for the period in between. 


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A History of Women for Independence: Doing Politics Differently

By Kathleen Caskie


During the referendum campaign the number of ‘special interest’ groups declaring for ‘yes’ became a source of mockery from the ‘no’ camp (although it was actually one of the Yes campaign’s greatest strengths). But among all the farmers, lawyers, NHS, social workers and third sector for ‘yes’ groups, one group was different: Women for Independence (WfI). Firstly because we were not called ‘Women for Yes’ and were not set-up or managed by the official ‘yes’ campaign. Indeed, the launch of WfI as an independent campaigning organisation predated the launch of the Yes campaign. Secondly, of course, women are not a minority. We are not a niche or special interest group. We are the majority of the population, yet continue to be disproportionately excluded from positions of political power and influence.

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Diversity in Practice | How do we Practically Involve Women from Ethnic Minority Backgrounds in WFI?

By Nighet Nasim Riaz

Nighet Nasim Riaz looks at what organisations like Women for Independence can do to engage women from ethnic minority backgrounds.


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Why should women have to pay for the bankers' mistakes? Save Clydebank Women's Aid!

By Carolyn Leckie

 In an article first published in The National, Carolyn Leckie looks at the consequences of the potential forced closure of Clydebank Womens Aid due to funding cuts, and argues that vulnerable women should not have to pay the price for the greed of society's elite.cwa.jpg

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