Justice for Women: Sentencing

National Committee member Maggie Lennon has been involved in our work on women's justice since its inception.  Here, she outlines current issues being discussed (June 2019) and asks important questions about the lack on media coverage for voiceless women.




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Women for Independence and Malawi

WFI National Committee member Cathy Ratcliff (pictured below) is an expert in international development and regularly visits Malawi so when she raised the issue of work that women were doing in Malawi on their own version of a similar document to the WFI Womanifesto, we were keen to learn more and to see where we could make international connections.

Cathy writes below about the work Malawian women have undertaken and the links that we are building with them.


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One Woman’s Trip to Westminster

Caroline McDonald was asked to participate in the #AskHerToStand event at Westminster by her local MP.  Here, she writes about her experience and where she is going next.


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Change Is For The Brave

Lee-Anne Menzies joined our National Committee in 2018 and has written about how her personal experiences have informed herLee-Anne_Menzies_opt_(2).jpg political beliefs. 

Note: Contains references to domestic abuse which some people may find triggering. For support on this issue please click here.


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We Need More Diverse Representation Of Women In Politics

WFI has always championed breaking down barriers for all women to play their full part in public life.  Here, Ashley Graczyk who is an independent councillor for the Sighthill-Gorgie ward in Edinburgh writes about the barriers that are faced by many women and why we need to break them down. 



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Women in Hebron : Existence is Resistance

Strathearn Women for Indy raised over £400 for the Women in Hebron co-operative by taking part in the SimplyHealth Great Women’s 10k in Glasgow in 2018.  Two of Strathearn WFI's members, Paula Harris and Keira Gibson pictured below with Nawal Slemiah, visited Hebron, Palestine in the summer. Keira writes here about the Women in Hebron and their experiences.




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An Open Letter to Maree Todd

Maree Todd MSP made some tablet for some care experienced young people.  The Tories took exception to this and The Herald spun a story around the Tories.  One of our members has written an open letter to Maree Todd and asked WFI to publish it.  


MareeToddMSP_opt_(2).jpgMaree Todd MSP

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Are you so sure that you didn’t just let one of the really great ones go?

Our National Committee member Suzanne McLaughlin who is a personal friend of Gillian Martin MSP, writes about the events around Gillian not being appointed as a Scottish government minister in June 2018.  This opinion piece first appeared in The National and can be read on their website too.



Suzanne McLaughlin

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Wanting More Women In Politics? Then Harassment of All Women Needs To Be Challenged.

Many people know the work that WFI do that is in the public eye but much of our work goes on behind the scenes.  That can make it more difficult for people to know what we are doing and why.  So this is part of an occasional series of blogs to look a bit further at WFI work and our reasons for doing what we do.



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Accessing Maternity Services - This Is A Call To Arms

Our National Committee member Sue Lyons who lives in the Highlands writes about how women in Caithness are being treated worse than cattle.



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