Justice Watch Update August 2016


National Commitee member Maggie Mellon updates on #JusticeWatch.

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Councillor, Fishwife and other Terms of Endearment


Former SNP Group Leader on East Ayrshire Council Kim Nicoll blogs about becoming a councillor. Since her time at the coal face in local politics Kim  has worked as a Radio Journalist and is currently employed as a Refuge Worker at Glasgow East Women’s Aid, any follow up contact can be made through Women for Indy.

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The S Word


National Committee Member Sandra Mills blogs on shame and politics.  What does it mean for independence campaigners? 

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This is not the Feminist Revolution We Were Looking For


Amy McNeese-Mechan of Edinburgh WFI looks at the rise of the women politicians with a cynical eye. 

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Good Job Someone Has a Plan!


Some politicians want to have their cake and eat it too!  Selma Rahman from our National Committee looks at the current state of politics. 

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Integrity - What does it look like?


Julie Bell of Women for Independence's National Committee writes about integrity in politics and what it might actually mean. 

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Bombastic, Brutal, Brexit


Here's our Kirsty Strickland looking at Brexit and the need for women's voices to be heard. 

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Women bring a Wider Perspective to Political Decision Making



Margaret Young from the National Committee talks about her experience of standing for political office.  Photo shows Margaret (second from left) with some Women for Indy colleagues at a Bairns not Bombs rally in Glasgow. 

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Reflections on Women Entering Public Life



Women for Independence had a great National Council in Aberdeen yesterday, Saturday 11th June.  Selma Rahman of the National Committee, who chaired Council, reflects on some of the issues raised.   Selma is third from the left in this photo of some of the women who attended. 

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My Journey Into Politics


In the second of our blog series by women who have gone into politics via local councils, Cllr Irene Hamilton of Clackmannanshire Council tells her story. Irene is second from the right in this photo, attending a WFI event in Alloa. 

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