Let's Keep It Civilised Sisters!


Pakistan: According to figures, almost 60 percent of the 86 million registered voters cast their votes in the 2013 elections, and while detailed gender disaggregated data are not available, female participation in the electoral process is reportedly higher than in the past. Photo/DFID

Selma Rahman of Women for Independence's National Committee celebrates civilised democratic engagement! 

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Medical Records; A Survivor's Story



With huge thanks to Rape Crisis Scotland we reproduce this harrowing blog which first appeared in their special newsletter looking at the law and rape.   You can read the full newsletter here. 

Rape Crisis Scotland are a charity, and, if you can afford to, please make a donation to support their work.

The image above is from a previous Rape Crisis Scotland campaign. 

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#JusticeWatch - Sara Sheridan Reports from Edinburgh Sheriff Court


Sara Sheridan  is a Scottish writer who works in a variety of genres, though predominately in historical fiction. She is the creator of the Mirabelle Bevan mysteries.  Sara joined Women for Independence and spoke on our behalf in the run up to the 2014 Independence Referendum.

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Women’s groups call for an end to abortion prosecutions


This guest blog was written for us by the British Pregnancy Advisory Service.  The National Committee have agreed to support this campaign. The photograph is of Natalie Towers, currently in jail in England for buying medication online to secure an abortion for herself. 

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Fracking - Who benefits?


Carol McManus has been on a personal journey to find out the facts about fracking.  Photo shows test gas wells at Airth, Falkirk. Carol thanks Dr Geralyn McCarron.

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SHALL WE NOT SPEAK FOR OURSELVES? Telling a different story of Scotland’s past



WFI National Committee member Dr Lesley Orr explains how history works, and why we're hosting our women's history event in Dundee on March 5th. 

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New Prisons? Old Wine in New Bottles



Maggie Mellon of the WFI National Committee and WFI #Justicewatch argues that WFI need to stand firm and that prisons are not the answer. 

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The Panel of Effing Experts



As women are criticised for wearing pyjamas to the school gate, National Committee member Sandra Mills ponders on perfection and motherhood. 

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#Mediawatch - Women on the Telly!



Here's award-winning blogger Kirsty Strickland's latest #MediaWatch blog for Women for Indy.  If you'd like to help her to monitor and comment on the representation of women in the media, please get in touch. 

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#JusticeWatch Update January 2016

Quick Update on Women for Independence's #JusticeWatch Campaign

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