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Women into Public Life


Why Cathy's Running for Council

by Cathy Milligan, Published April 2017


Engaging (even) more women in Civic Participation and Political Dialogue

By Selma Rahman, Kirsten Izatt, Mireille Pouget and Victoria Heaney


Resilience for Election Campaigns - or May 4th Be With You

By Julie Bell, published February 2017


Councillor, Fishwife and other Terms of Endearment

By Kim Nicholl, published August 2016


Women Bring a Wider Perspective to Political Decision-Making

by Margaret Young, Published July 2016


Reflections on Women Entering Public Life

By Selma Rahman, published June 2016


My Journey into Politics

By Cllr Irene Hamilton, published June 2016


Taking a Stand! One Woman's Route to Council

By Emma Knox, published June 2016


Getting Involved; Community Councils Need You!

By Laura Stevens, Published September 2015


Media Watch


STV and Stephen Daisley - A Balancing Act

By Kirsty Strickland, published August 2016


Bombastic, Brutal Brexit

By Kirsty Strickland, published July 2016


Musings on Muirfield

By Kirsty Strickland, published May 2016


The BBC; Blokes' Broadcasting Corporation

By Kirsty Strickland, published May 2016


Women on the Telly

By Kirsty Strickland, Published January 2016


Fillibustering Fellas

By Kirsty Strickland, Published November 2015


Poems and Numbers

By Kirsty Strickland, Published October 2015


The Return of Media Watch

By Kirsty Strickland, October 2015


Can Question Time Be the Best?

by Kirsty Strickland, July 2015


What's the Picture Overall?

by Kirsty Strickland, July 2015


Some Questions for Question Time

by Kirsty Strickland, published June 2015


Wooden Spoons for Sunday Politics.  Cheers for Andy Murray

by Kirsty Strickland, June 2015


An Interview with Libby Brooks

by Gillian Martin, May 2015


Post-Election Media Watch

by Kirsty Strickland & Gillian Martin, May 2015


Week Three

By Kirsty Strickland & Gillian Martin, May 2015


Week Two

by Kirsty Strickland & Gillian Martin, April 2015


Week One

by Kirsty Strickland & Gillian Martin, published April 2015


Introducing WFI Media Watch

by WFI, published April 2015



Justice Watch

Justice Watch Update

by Maggie Mellon, Published August 2016


Report from the Frontline

By Maggie Mellon, Published May 2016


Justice Watch - Week Two Blog

by Maggie Mellon, Published April 2016


Justice Watch - Launch Day in Edinburgh

By Maggie Mellon, Published March 2016


Medical Records; A Survivor's Story

By Rape Crisis Scotland, Published March 2016


Sara Sheridan Reports from Edinburgh Sheriff Court

By Sara Sheridan, Published March 2016


Women's Groups Call for an end to Abortion Prosecutions

By BPAS, Published March 2016


New Prisons?  Old Wine in New Bottles

By Maggie Mellon, published February 2016


Justicewatch Update, January 2016

By Justicewatch Steering Group


Response to Scottish Government Consultation on Short Sentences

By Women for Independence, published December 2015


Women for Justice, Justice for Women

By Maggie Mellon, published November 2015


A Letter to Justice Secretary Michael Matheson

by Maggie Mellon, published March 2015



Women for Independence History & Activities


Edinburgh WFI International Women's Day Celebrations

By Amy McNeese-Mechan, published March 2017


Clacks WFI Wee County Shop

By Susan Fraser, published February 2017


Thinking Inside the (Baby) Box

By Women for Indy, published February 2017


What We've Been Up To - Our Annual Report

By Women for Indy, Published November 2016


Edinburgh WFI Hustings - Not a Suit in Sight!

By Selma Rahman, published April 2016


What do women want from the Scottish Parliament?

By Women for Indy, published April 2016


Shall We Not Speak for Ourselves? - Telling a Different Story of Scotland's Past

By Dr. Lesley Orr, published February 2016


The Gender of Independence

by Jane Archer, published September 2015


We Can, You Can!  Getting Active through WFI!

By Vivienne Bon, Published September 2015


Divisiveness and Destruction - Why Can't We All Just Disagree?

By Sandra Mills, published August 2015


WFIWomenhelpwomen; the sisters are doing it for themselves

by Dr Marsha Scott, published July 2015


Back to School Uniform Bank - Tackling Poverty Directly!

by Sandra Douglas, published July 2015


The Monstrous Regiment of Women

by Dr Marsha Scott, published February 2015


A History of Women for Independence - doing Politics Differently

by Kathleen Caskie, published February 2015


Diversity in Practice; How do we practically involve women from ethnic minority backgrounds in WFI?

By Nighet Nasim Riaz, published January 2015



Feminism and Equality


Free Period Scotland

By Victoria Heaney, Published April 2017


How do we persuade women to support Independence?

By Kathleen Caskie & Marsha Scott, published March 2017


Child Contact Petition Goes to Scottish Parliament

By "Tracey", Published February 2017


What is the Gender Pay Gap and Why Does It Matter

By Michelle Rodger, published December 2016


This is not the Feminist Revolution we were looking for

By Amy McNeese-Mechan, published July 2016


Sexism and Childcare; Time for a Massive Rethink

By Pat Doran, Published April 2016


16 Days to End Violence Against Women

by Dr Marsha Scott, Published November 2015


Helping Women to Work

by Michelle Rodger, published November 2015


Land Reform is a Women's Issue

by Maggie Mellon, published October 2015


I'm a feminist because . . 

by Jay Andrew, April 2015


It may be the 21st century, but we still need feminism.

by Mary McLernon, published April 2015


Emotional Abuse; the Invisible Side of Domestic Abuse

by Mary Jackson, published April 2015


The Case for All Women's Shortlists; An Alternative View from Avondale

by Gillian Wales, published March 2015


The Living Rent Campaign- Better Housing is a Feminist Issue

by Liz Ely, published March 2015


Bathrobes in Lockers - Why we need Feminism if we Want Equality

by Kathleen Caskie, published March 2015


Cheap Publicity Stunts won't work Labour; It's time to take women seriously!

by Carol Fox, published February 2015


Food and Health

Heather Anderson's Presentation to March 2017 National Council


We Need to Talk about Eating Disorders

By Delilah Doe, published March 2016


Eating Like There Is no Tomorrow

by Deirdre Henderson, Published October 2015


Food - Shop Until You Drop!

by Margaret Cuthbert, published August 2015


A Plea for Everyone to Change one Thing - Food and Ethics

by Jemma Beedie, published August 2015


Incredible Edible Experience

by Cait Murray-Green, published August 2015


A Glasgow Fable - Scotland and Food

by Maggie Mellon, published August 2015


Democracy and Internationalism


What Does Brexit Mean for Scotland?

By Maggie Lennon, published March 2017


Act As If you Own the Place - Activism with Community at its Heart

By Julie Bell, published March 2017


The Human Cost of Brexit - a Bargaining Chip Writes

By Vera Tens, published March 2017


How Should We Approach IndyRef2?

By Maggie Lennon, published December 2016


The Case for a National Women's Officer

By Amy McNeese-Mechan, published September 2016


Let's Keep it Civilised Sisters!

By Selma Rahman, published March 2016


The Facts about Syrian Refugee Dispersal

By Maggie Lennon, Published January 2016


The Crisis Facing Women & Girls in India

By Cathy Ratcliff, published December 2015


TTIP; The Evidence

By Zara Munro, Published September 2015


A Burmese Tale; the Reality of Cameron's Rhetoric on Immigration

by Lisa Houston, Published September 2015


TTIP - What's it all about? 

By Victoria Heaney, published July 2015


Solidarity with Indonesian Domestic Workers

By Maria Pakpahan, published June 2015


Human Rights Act - The Basics

by Professor Christine Bell, published May 2015


Diaries from Galicia, Catalonia & Euskadi

by Gillian Martin, published March 2015


From Scotland to Iraq, We Cannot Stay Silent About the Abuse of Women

by Carolyn Leckie, published February 2015



The Cult of Dubious Personalities

By Selma Rahman, Published November 2016


I didn't get what I wanted, So . . . 

by Selma Rahman, published September 2016


The S Word

By Sandra Mills, published August 2016 


Good Job Someone Has a Plan

By Selma Rahman, published July 2016


Integrity in Politics- What does it look like?

By Julie Bell, published July 2016


Fracking - Who Benefits?

By Carol McManus, published March 2016 


The Panel of Effing Experts - on perfection and motherhood

By Sandra Mills, published February 2016


Land Reform; A Tale of Historical Injustice

By Carol Charters, published November 2015


Socks on a Plane; A Blog for International Word Thrombosis Day

by Margaret Young, published October 2015


Why My Voice is Just as Important

by Shona Graham, published June 2015


Can we laugh about this yet? STEM subjects, crying, Jimmy Choos and the love of a good woman.

By Sandra Mills, published June 2015


Compassion in our Welfare System

by Ash Regan-Denholm, May 2015


Why should women have to pay for the bankers' mistakes? - Save Clydebank Women's Aid!

By Carolyn Leckie, published January 2015


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