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The awesome women of WFI Clackmannanshire ran their now-annual 'Pay What You Can' shop at Christmas.  Here local WFI member Susan Fraser updates on this year's success. 

The Wee County Children’s Christmas Shop closed its doors on the 24th of December after a very successful December.  

Run by Women for Independence Clackmannanshire, the WCCCShop was busier than ever this year, with more donations than ever before and more shoppers too.  

Groups from several local Primary School donated toys after their school fairs, and other groups, such as WASPS 2009 even held collections for the shop.  There was even a school visit from children from Park Primary School who were fascinated to see what we were doing, and brought their own donations too.  

Everything that was left in the shop when it closed, was split between local charity shops, so every single thing that was donated went to good use.  

Once final totals of money raised was calculated, over £1400 was shared between the local foodbanks.  

But raising money was only part of what the shop was doing.  As Westminster austerity cuts continue to target the most vulnerable in society, it leaves an estimated 26% of children in Clackmannanshire living in poverty, and many more in working families that still struggle.  

So the main purpose of the Wee County Children’s Christmas Shop is to help make sure that everyone gets to have a happy Christmas, so that people can come and get whatever they need, and many families came to the shop and did just that.   


On behalf of WFI Clackmannanshire, thank you so much to everyone who donated both to the shop and to our online crowdfunder, and everyone who helped to support us and publicise what we were doing.  

Thank you too, to the local businesses who helped us out, ACE Recycling, Rhona McCallum’s, Buicks, Lidl, Tescos, and Stirling Fire Protection Service, and of course, to all of our tireless volunteers who keep the shop open for the whole run up to Christmas.   

This has been a real community effort, bringing so many people together throughout Clackmannanshire and beyond, all trying to do something good for other people.  



Susan Fraser

Women for Independence Clackmannanshire



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