Women for Independence National Committee Elections 2017 - Call for Nominations.

Will you Stand for Women for Independence?



You’re thinking about seeking election to the National Committee for Women for Independence | Independence for Women (or WFI, for short)? Fantastic!

National Committee, voted for by all members of Women for Independence, is composed of 20 women.   The two women with the highest number of votes in each of the 8 Holyrood list regions are elected, along with the four women who have the highest number of votes overall but have not been elected for one of the regions.

We’ve tried to answer some questions you may have but if we’ve missed anything, please ask: [email protected]

Who is WFI for?

WFI is open to all self-identifying women who share our aims of independence for Scotland, gender equality and social justice.

I’m worried I don’t know enough about feminism or independence – what if I’m not good enough?

It’s not about being good enough or being an expert – we all learn from each other, we all have experiences that contribute – we all give and we all take away!

What’s the commitment?

WFI National Committee holds 8 meetings a year and 3 National Council events, plus our AGM. As a member of the national committee, we would hope you could commit to attend at least 50% of meetings (obviously, circumstances may dictate otherwise at times). Do think carefully about this before submitting your nomination.

That might be a bit of a challenge because of my family/carer/work commitments – how flexible is that?

You can job-share! We already have our first job-share duo because we believe in practising what we preach!   We’ve also had members Skype or Facetime in for meetings when they’ve been unable to attend in person.

I live far out of the central belt – I can’t afford to travel there from where I live.

We reimburse travel costs, either car mileage or public transport – please don’t let that put you off.

I can’t go anywhere without my carer/Personal Assistant, who’s my husband/partner/male – is that a problem?

Of course not -  carers and PAs, regardless of gender, can attend any WFI meetings with you to support you – and they can come free to paying events, too.

Please, everyone, don’t let financial issues, or any disability, or caring responsibilities, get in the way of standing for national committee – WFI needs you!


I’m not a member of any local WFI group – is that a problem?

No! As long as you are a member of WFI nationally, you can stand for election.   If you need to join or renew your membership, please join via this link

 Our membership rates are:

  • £0 per year - Unwaged, aged under 21
  • £5 per year - Retirees, students, part-time waged
  • £15 per year - Waged

I’m not a member of any political party – is that a problem?

Absolutely not! The more the merrier. We have women who are members of different political parties, and of none at all. That’s vital to keep us on our toes!  We don’t all agree on everything – and that’s OK. You don’t have to know lots about ‘politics’ either – being alive today is all the political experience you need (and a conscience!).

I can’t cope with political argy-bargy…

Well. That’s old skool politics, isn’t it? We try to ‘do politics differently’ – be part of the change!

If I’m elected, what do I do?

National Committee is responsible for the day-to-day running of Women for Independence.  The Committee has formal minuted meetings but members also communicate between meetings on matters which require to be addressed more immediately.   

We involve members in working groups to take forward ideas, campaigns, projects – everyone is expected to join in somewhere! It tends to be areas that you’re already interested in, or want to learn more about. Examples to date include #JusticeWatch, #FreePeriods, marketing, communications, strategy, and pulling together our WFI womanifesto from all the National Council meetings. These groups are expected to work together between meetings to deliver on ideas.

When and Where will it meet?

National Committee usually alternates between Glasgow and Edinburgh, in venues accessible by public transport. But we take our National Council meetings around the country.  So far we’ve held them in East Kilbride, Galashiels, Govan, Kilmarnock, Alloa, Inverness, Aberdeen and Glenrothes. AGMs tend to be in Perth because it’s also good for access and *not* in the central belt! We have very fond memories of Perth!

What are the arrangements and rules for the election?

Nominations open on Sunday 1st October 2017  and close at 5pm on Friday 27th October.  Any members joining Women for Independence between 1st and 27th October will be eligible to stand for Committee (but, obviously, once nominations have closed, no new nominations will be received.)

Voting will open on Saturday 4 November and will close on Sunday 19 November.

Over the next few days, those who have stood for election will be informed of the outcome of the election, including voting figures.

The public announcement of who has been elected will be made at our AGM on Saturday 25 November, but voting figures will not be made public.


Interested?  WFI Members can read further information about the election, and details about how to stand here. 

 Please note;  You require to be a full member of Women for Independence and logged into the website for this link to work. 

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