Fillibustering Fellas


(Our photo, from the Daily Record, shows David Coburn MEP reacting to women in politics.)


In the week of International Mens Day, our resident #WFIMediaWatcher Kirsty Strickland ponders on how militant feminists are taking over the airwaves.  Or not. 


In a week where women have been described as ‘’a special kind of man’’ by resident eejit UKIP MEP David Coburn and Tory MP Philip Davies used International Men’s Day to whine about ‘Militant Feminists’ we were hoping to bring you a bit of gender balance sunshine to lift the dreich narrative. Alas, dear readers. As so often is the case, the numbers don’t inspire much confidence. Speaking of which, back to Philip Davies.

Quelle surprise – the man who demanded a debate on International Men’s Day because ‘the lassies get one so why can’t we’ used the debate not to raise important issues affecting men, but to give us his unique insight into ‘true equality’. True equality, he says, would be to send more women to prison to reach parity with men - and presumably more children into care in the process. Of the woeful gender balance in Parliament Davies is generous: ‘’I don’t care if every MP is a woman…as long as they are there on merit’’

As the MP who is known for his fondness for filibustering (killing off a bill he doesn’t like by ‘talking it out’) this is more than a bit rich.

Davies was the guy who blocked the Bill that would have stopped hospital parking charges for carers. And the fella who didn’t think tenants should have the right not to be evicted when asking their landlord for repairs. And the chap who spoke for 50 minutes in a debate on Friday night because he didn’t want kids to be taught First Aid in schools as part of the curriculum.


Spending your time as an MP abusing archaic Parliamentary procedure to bypass the democratic process isn’t the sign of a wily weaver of Westminster. It’s a glaring insight into just how loud the men roar in that chamber. He spoke for 90 minutes in the carers’ car parking charges debate – 90 MINUTES. In a Parliament where the voices of women and ethnic minorities are so few and far between, this is an unholy mess.

So Philip, these numbers are dedicated to you. You may think that men are being silenced by ‘militant feminists’.

You may stand in a chamber that is 70% male & speak for 90 minutes and fail to see the irony in your complaint that men aren’t being heard.

You may even dismiss these words, the words of a whiney woman.

But Philip; my filibustering friend.

The numbers speak for themselves.







Scotland 2015 (2nd -19th)

Men 43
Women 17

Daily Politics (16th-20th)

Men 30
Women 9


Scotland Tonight (16th-19th)

Men 14
Women 2


Sunday Politics Scotland (1st-8th)
Men 6
Women 4


Until next week Media-Watchers. I probably won’t see you on the telly – but I hope to see you on the Twitter! Use #WFImediawatch & drop me a line if you want to volunteer to tote up the numbers - @KirstyStricklan


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