Good Job Someone Has a Plan!


Some politicians want to have their cake and eat it too!  Selma Rahman from our National Committee looks at the current state of politics. 

It may be just a week in the job for the UK’s new Prime Minister, but already we must be wary of what we see and hear. Less women in the Cabinet, levelled out by more on the front bench? What progress that?

David Davis following his leader’s lead, noted on Sky's Murnaghan show (Sunday 17th July) that there may have to be a cut off for new EU migrants (post Brexit) into the UK and their being ‘allowed’ to stay. And yet, no confirmation of the status of those already here: back to the bargaining chips scenario then. So the lack of a Brexit plan, whether A,B,or C becomes more evident. And the small side show of Trident, the immorality of bombs before bairns, demonstrates that building the killing machines in England, but housed here, has been as far as UK planning goes. Just where would they house them post independence? Plan D,E, F?

Good job then, someone has a plan, and there is some fixed point in this political mess wherein we find ourselves. Nicola Sturgeon, (Marr, BBC Sunday 17th) made Scotland’s position both unwavering and still as clear as before Brexit. catch up would be good if you missed it first time; Marr well and truly tellt!

It’s all very well for May to state that Scotland will not have a ‘blocking’ vote in relation to negotiations; I wonder if we actually asked, far less demanded one. Games within games, moves and counter moves. In this very short period of political turmoil, we see the continuing failure of Labour to group, act and deliver as the official opposition. The Trident vote (18th July) sees Labour not whipped, and as expected, the majority of MPs voting against their leader. And who other than deluded politically suicidal wannabe leaders would launch their attacks and bids at this junction? Eagle, Smith: Smith, Eagle, who’ll do a Leadsom? But should we expect the unexpected, thus putting Corby into a Leadsom mix? Something tells me that this is one thing not to expect. Whatever the outcome of Labour’s public agony and tumult counter balanced by  the Tory party’s semblance of government through action and purpose, we see continued Tory spin.

Hermann Hauser, founder of ARM, the smartphone chip designer, came out yesterday (18th July)  as saying it was a ‘very sad day for technology in Britain,’  regretting Arm’s  sell off and blaming the weakened £pound, an unintended consequent of Brexit.

How quickly husting promises are overturned. May spoke prior to her coronation, yes, that morning, in Birmingham, opposing foreign companies buying out strategically important businesses. She even gave examples: Cadbury going State side courtesy of Kraft, and AstraZeneca narrowly escaping a takeover. And now the spin doctors tell us it’s great, showing off that Britain post Brexit is open for business. Spin that spinning wheel, see where it lands, nobody knows. Trouble starts though when the politicians are doing just that!

The case for independence never went away, just a bit of hibernation perhaps. But all around I hear calls for Yes to re-group and reform. Our own WFI groups are re-energised and re-connecting, using the current political mayhem as a focal point.

And the plan? Let’s continue to do what we do best as women: doing politics differently: the personal, the one to one, wherever we meet, work, play, socialise. Let’s discuss the currency, the economics, be ready by all means, and once there is an indeyref2 date, we’ll move up a gear.

And once we all deliver independence, then, we can re-cast political parties as we need them to be: accountable to us, responsible to us.

The Article of Faith must be….non party cross party…..Independence First, now that’s a plan!                   

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