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As part of our series of blogs about food, Cait Murray-Green has written about communities which do grow their own food.   If you'd like to get in touch with Cait to take this conversation forward, contact her via us at [email protected] and we'll pass your message on. 

Building on the wonderful article by Maggie Mellon “Glasgow Flourishing”, what could happen to make such a positive difference to our Urban landscape?

Just across the border in Yorkshire, the residents of Todmorton have a wonderful project, lead by volunteers that has turned their town into a “pick-your-own” paradise. This 15,000 population could be self-sufficient in fresh produce by 2020, at least that is the ambition of the founders Mary Clear and Pam Warhust.

Through persuasion of local businesses and organisations they have planted fruit bushes, fruit trees, herbs and vegetables all around the town and rather than a detriment to existing businesses it is seen as a bonus.

And it's not just Yorkshire, its all across the world – Seattle too is planting urban forests for the benefit of all.

If they can do it, then why can't we?

Why can't we persuade councils to contribute space, to divide their planting budget between ornamental flowers and vegetables? What about Scotrail stations? Could they plant herbs instead of daffodils?

Can we too plant the front edge of our gardens with attractive produce to eat and to share.

It would be a very effective way of reconnecting with nature, understanding better what can grow locally in all the seasons Scotland is blessed with and also reconnecting with our neighbours.

I'm up for it – anyone else?

Read more about Todmorton in Yorkshire

Seattle, Washington State, US

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