Justice for Women Campaign - National Justice Watch Planing Day


Attention all WFI Groups-   Justice For Women Campaign 

The Justice for Women group are inviting women from all the local groups to this  planning day for 'Justice Watch' which we hope  to launch in the Autumn. Justice Watch will involve women attending local district and sheriff courts across Scotland to  literally watch justice - and report on the stories from the courts about how women are remanded and sentenced to prison.   We think that it is time that women got involved and informed about what happens in our name in the courts in this country.  We believe Scotland could have the most progressive justice system in Europe - but we have a long way to go, and tackling the injustices visited on women in our criminal justice system and courts is a great place to start.  


The planning day in Stirling is designed to attract as many women as we can - two or more  from every group is our aim.  We hope that they will go on to be champions for Justice Watch in their local groups. 


On the 12 September we will be giving good legal information about courts and what happens in them, so that volunteers will feel well informed and confident about their role. But the day will also offer an opportunity to contribute  YOUR ideas about developing and promoting Justice for Women 


We also hope to make a show of solidarity by visiting the nearby HMP Cornton Vale prison  for women.   This is the prison that was been  condemned as unfit for purpose,  but today still holds hundreds of women from across Scotland.  Many are on remand, so have been convicted of no crime at all, but still have to suffer the separation from family and the poor conditions. 


The day is free!


The venue is about a mile from the rail and bus stations.  We can organise to ferry any women not able to walk that distance.   


Fantastic Stirling WFI are organising the sale of rolls, tea and coffee and we hope that the funds raised will cover  the costs. But you can bring your own packed lunch and refreshments.  There are some shops locally.  


 SO - Please register your attendance as soon as possible =  Send an email headed 'JUSTICE WATCH 12 September ATTENDANCE' to:  [email protected]


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September 12, 2015 at 11:00am - 3pm
Stirling Rugby Club
Stirling FK9 5AP
United Kingdom
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