National Committee 2015/16

Women for Independence National Committee Members 2015/16


Constitutionally, the Women for Independence National Committee is to be made up of two women from each of the eight Holyrood list areas, plus a top-up of four.   This year, because no women had come forward from Central or West regions, it was agreed that two seats would be left vacant to be filled from these regions in the year ahead, and the top-up list increased to six.

In the event, there was a dead heat for the sixth place on the top-up list, so the retiring Committee agreed to have an initial Committee of 19 (rather than 18).

Subsequently by-elections took place to fill the spaces for Central and West.

In alphabetical order, the 23 women on the National Committee are;

Ashten Regan-Denham

Carolyn Leckie

Gillian Martin

Jeane Freeman

Julie Bell

Lesley Orr

Maggie Lennon

Maggie Mellon

Mairi Tulbure

Margaret Young

Marsha Scott

Mary Mackay

Michelle Rodger

Natalie McGarry MP

Rebecca Jones

Rosemary Hunter

Sandra Mills

Selma Rahman

Sheila McCole

Sue Lyons

Suzanne McLaughlin

Victoria Heaney

Zara Kitson



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