Press Release - Trial Sentencing Ms McGarry


Women for Independence -Independence for Women are pleased that the trial is now over. 

The missing money represented  donations from women and men across Scotland to support the organisation's campaigning for Independence. For many these donations were a real sacrifice. 

Women for Independence has been long associated with campaigning for justice for women caught up in the criminal justice system. 

We were instrumental in the campaign to halt the building of the proposed super prison for women in 2014 and we launched Justice Watch in 2015 which has been acting as a citizens' witness programme regarding the reality for women and criminal justice.

The  general pattern of offending by women is such that we believe most women serving custodial sentences would be better served by community disposals which do not disrupt families, children or in the long run cost more but which can demonstrate real benefits to women to cut re-offending while making a valuable contribution to the community.

We had no influence on the sentencing diet and recognise that we were not the only party injured  by her actions.  We respect the sheriff's decision given his comments on the seriousness of the matter.   We are frustrated however that there are not more alternatives to prison available for sheriffs to consider and we will continue to campaign on this issue. 




WfI opposition to the building a a super women’s prison in Greenock.

WfI work on Justice for Women including citizen's witness programme.     

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