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At our National Council in Alloa on 4th October we plan to have an open discussion on the controversial topic of prostitution.  The aim is to have a respectful conversation, accepting that others have strongly and genuinely held views which might be different from our own, and to assess if we can find common ground that people can coalesce around.  

There is a vast amount of information online about this subject.  It seems sensible to take as a starting point recent attempts to change legislation in the Scottish Parliament, and to give everyone a limited (and, we hope, balanced) range of resources relevant to them as a starting point for our discussions. 

We have also included a useful (and digestible) BBC report on the recent controversy surrounding Amnesty International's new position on prostitution, and a report from the European Parliament.

We do not intend to update this page; it is not a public or permanent page on the website, but designed to be a one-off to help women attending National Council.  A link to it is being sent out to all women booked to attend National Council a few days beforehand, but if anyone thinks it is biased or that a key report has not been included, please alert us on Twitter and we will happily retweet any other links that people want to share that they think are important. 


In the Scottish Parliament

In 2011, Rhoda Grant MSP led a consultation and private members bill process on criminalising demand for prostitution. 

Rhoda Grant MSP's Consultation on Criminalising Demand 2011

Scottish Parliament's Summary of Responses to Rhoda Grant's Consultation


This year (2015) Jean Urquhart MSP has introduced a consultation/bill process on decriminalisation of sex work.

Letter from Jean Urquhart MSP with link to consultation document on her Bill to decriminalise sex work

Common Space Article on Jean Urquhart's Bill to Decriminalise Sex Work

Scottish Womens Aid Response to Jean Urquhart MP's consultation on decriminalising sex work

Scot-Pep Response to Jean Urquhart MSP's Consultation

CARE Response to Jean Urquhart's Consultation

Guardian Article by a Sex Worker Welcoming Jean Urquhart's Bill



BBC Report on the issues surrounding Amnesty International's publication

European Parliament Report & Motion on Prostitution and Gender Equality






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