Reminder of Position

The ongoing debate about the proposed Gender Recognition Act (GRA) is one of which you will all be aware.

The debate has been polarised by some and social media in particular has become toxic on this issue.

Women For Independence believes in doing politics differently.  Our position on this issue has become a matter of assumption, speculation and conjecture. Therefore we thought it appropriate to restate WFI's constitutional position on self identifying women.

Since WFI's inception in 2012 we have been open to any self identifying women as a transinclusive organisation. In 2015 when we decided to formalise the organisation with a constitution, this founding principle was adopted by members at the first AGM.  This constitution is what all members of WFI sign up to when they join.

We have deliberately withheld comment on GRA on social media, especially on Twitter, as we cannot make that a safe space for women to discuss it.  We therefore encourage women to take part in the current consultation to express their views.

The consultation runs until 17th March 2020 and can be found here.

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