May 10, 2019
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WfI Statement On Natalie McGarry Trial

For Immediate Release

WfI Statement on Natalie McGarry Trial

Women for Independence were always clear when we reported the discrepancies in our funds to the police in 2015 that we did so in the interests of transparency and full disclosure. It was also a recognition that we knew the missing funds represented precious donations from hundreds of women, many for whom the donation was a sacrifice and we could not let that misappropriation go unchallenged.


We are relieved on behalf of the WfI witnesses that they did not have to face the ordeal of a trial and we await the court's decisions on sentencing in the coming weeks.


We want to offer huge thanks to WfI members and others for supporting WfI through an emotionally difficult period and to Police Scotland for all their work and in particular to DS Bryan Butler. 


We are sad that this has happened but pleased to be able to move forward and concentrate on WfI’s objectives - Women for Independence and Independence for Women.


It would be highly inappropriate for us to make any comment on sentencing at the moment and we will allow the court procedures to take their course before we comment further.





Women for Independence : Independence for Women formed in 2012 and campaigned for a Yes vote in the Scottish independence referendum in 2014.  After the referendum WfI decided to stay together and build itself into a more formal organisation because it recognised there was still work to do to meet our aims. It is non party political.


WfI is an open and diverse network of women who aim to improve the representation of women in public and political life throughout Scotland.  WfI promote the causes of Scottish independence and other constitutional changes likely to contribute to greater democracy and home-rule for Scotland, gender equality and social justice.  WfI do this through a network of individuals and organised groups across Scotland and by working to increase women's political engagement nationally and in communities.

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