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Introducing #WFImediawatch. Because we're tired of the same pale, stale and male faces on our screens.



Being Women for Independence and providing encouragement to women to engage with and get involved in politics we're very keen to see our female demographic fairly represented in the media. We've noticed in particular that political shows both on radio and TV can be, how can we put it politely, a wee bit lacking in the contributions of female political commentators. For example, a rough tally of Sunday Politics Scotland shows appearances of 37 men but only 9 women since the start of the year.With 2 of the four Scottish Party leaders, 35% of MSPs and 52% of the Scottish population being women this is no where near a reflection of what's going on in society. But we'll let the stats prove us wrong or right.

Over the next few weeks in the run up to the General Election our media spies Gillian Martin (@misssym) and Kirsty Strickland (@Mrsjackdaniels) are going to be watching with a calculator in one hand and a remote control in the other. They'll be pointing out the ratios of women to men on shows, the time given to each and their general thoughts on Scottish political shows both on TV and radio. You can help them. Simply tweet your observations using our hashtag  #WFImediawatch and we'll include your thoughts in our results.

We'll be tweeting as we watch, asking questions of the broadcasters and collating our observations on the WFI blog every week for the General Election with a view to keeping this a regular feature as we go through 2015 and beyond.


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