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Scotland has the highest rate of imprisonment of women in all of the countries of the UK, all of which imprison substantially higher rates of women and men than other comparable countries in Europe.
Are Scottish women really more violent or dangerous than women in England, or in Ireland or other countries? Or are other factors determining the high rate of women’s imprisonment?
WFI Justice Watch went into our courts to see for ourselves how and why women are sent to prison in Scotland. This is the report of what we found.


The full report can be accessed here.


It would not have been possible without the amazing hard work and talents of many women!


This report was compiled and written by Maggie Mellon.
Thanks to Mags Higgins, Karyn Mabon, Frances Corr, Joan Skinner, Isobel Freeman for comments.
Thanks to Mags Higgins, Eileen Penman and Paula Mitchell and Jools Bell for organising their local groups.
Thanks to Maggie Lennon, Jools Bell, Suzie McLaughlin, Rosemary Hunter, and Susie Lyons of WFI National Committee, Kathleen Caskie, National Organiser.
Thanks to Stirling WFI for hosting the training day, and most of all to all the justice watchers who went into courts across Scotland and sent us their reports.
Thanks to Carolyn Scott for design and layout.


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