Why My Voice Is Just As Important



A beautiful blog from Shona Graham about voice and politics.  Shona is on Twitter at @cfwaterbaby.

I am an astrologer and mum with a disability, in fact a couple of disabilities if you count dyslexia. I write an astrology blog not a political one but my voice counts because nobody else will live my life, have my exact perspective or experiences and at the end of the day that is all politics is, Politics is a perspective on life gained by personal experience.  

You don’t need to have read Marx or Orwell to be able to have a strong political voice; you just need to have lived as part of a community.  You don’t need a formal education, degree in journalism or activist experience.  You just need to care about your family, your community, your friends and humanity that comes from the heart not a dictionary or a thesaurus.   You don’t need to know all the answers as long as you know what is wrong and what you want changed.  Because the answers won’t be found until everybody is heard and building a new Scotland is going to be a slow process but one that needs to start with ordinary people like me raising their voice and their experiences of life.

Chomsky has never lived my life or your life, never had our experiences he may be clever, read a lot of books and use big words but he has never lived our lives.  This means that the little old lady across the road might actually know more than him when it comes to the future of Scotland, what it means to live, love and die here, everything that is right about our country and the things that need to change.  It means we all have to make sure our voice is heard above Chomsky and other experts because these ‘experts’ are not experts in living in Scotland, our lives and our hopes we are.  Every single woman in Scotland knows things that will never be addressed until they write, speak up and realise they are the experts in their lives, until they start speaking and writing their story will continue to be written for them.

If you want to write the story of your life, your family and your community you have to take that leap because I can’t write your story only my own and your story will always be just as important as mine and it has always deserved to be heard. All our stories need to be heard because our stories make up Scotland’s voice, give it its heart and soul.  Our heart will not be found in political analysis but in each other; equality starts with realising our voices are equally important, our stories are equally important and our experiences are equally important.

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